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ECDS projects range from short-term, one-time collaborations to ongoing activities that create and preserve born-digital publications, collections, and archives. Our Projects highlights a selection of ECDS work.

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Landscapes and Ecologies of the South (by Ellen Griffith Spears)ECDS supports projects in the humanities and the sciences. Our partners include the Robert W. Woodruff Library, University Technology Services, the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, and a variety of other entities from across the University that provide expertise, assistance, and resources. Project partners can come from Emory, the Atlanta metro region, and beyond. To explore how we can assist you, visit:

Partner with Us

Workshops and Seminars

Digital Storytelling Workshop

Join us for our Spring 2015 workshop series.

For more details and to register for a class, see our training and workshop schedule

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The staff of ECDS works with faculty and students from across the University to provide expertise, consultation, and technical assistance in the creation of digital projects. We provide a one-stop shop for anyone at Emory interested in incorporating digital technology into teaching, research, publishing, and exhibiting scholarly work.

Email to set up an appointment, or visit us on the third floor of the Robert W. Woodruff Library to see how we can help.