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Visualizing Digital Realities

Specialists at our Digital Visualization Laboratory help students and faculty members with interactive, multidisciplinary media design, research insights, visual analytics, educational gaming, and various simulation and training activities.

The lab implements emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) to visualize academic content.

We focus on providing services including:

  • Creating and configuring 3D models and virtual environments using a variety of computer modeling, simulation software, and geospatial data
  • Leveraging graphic design, image processing and data visualization for digital scholarship projects
  • Promoting and advancing student training and professional development initiatives
  • Authoring and deploying spatio-temporal configurations, made in Unity, on the web, with provisions for conducting visual analytics on the user base and enhancing digital pedagogy


Recommended Tools

Adobe Suite | Unity | ZBrush | 3ds Max


American Excavations Samothrace

Research portal

Visit Samothrace site

Apollo 15 Hub

Learning resource

Visit Apollo 15 site

Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama

3D visualization

Learn more about the Cyclorama project

Brotherman: Big City Map

Digital publication

Visit Big City Map site

Envisioning Baroque Rome

Digital publication | Research portal

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OpenWorld Atlanta


Visit OpenWorld Atlanta site

Slave Voyages

Database and 3D visualization

Visit Voyages site

Subject Matter Experts

Ian Burr

Visual Design Specialist

More about Ian

Chase Lovellette

Systems Lead

More about Chase

Michael Page


More about Michael


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