Online Exhibits

Sharing Digital Objects

We provide consultations about building accessible online exhibits, which present a curated selection of items virtually and can be assembled with a variety of platforms.

Omeka is an open source platform useful for projects with numerous digital objects, particularly images, that need a flexible organization system for display and curationo

  • is a version of the platform hosted on Omeka servers that allows users to get started quickly.
  • is a fully customizable version of Omeka that you can host on a personal server. We can provide consultation on available hosting options.
Wordpress is an effective platform for presenting multimedia objects in a flexible content management system.
  • is a fully hosted version of the platform that allows you to get started quickly.
  • is a fully customizable version of the platform that you can host on a personal server. We can provide consultation on available hosting options.

ArcGIS Storymaps is a platform that allows users to tell stories through overlapping data points and maps.


Recommended Tools

ArcGIS Storymaps | Omeka | WordPress | Unity


Global Health Chronicles | CDC Museum

Online exhibit

Visit Global Health Chronicles site

Threads of Time

Online exhibit

Visit "Threads of Time" site

Views of Rome

Exhibit | Research portal

Visit "Views of Rome" site

Oakland Cemetery History

Online exhibit that uncovers and contextualizes the interconnected histories of Oakland Cemetery and Atlanta

Visit Oakland Cemetery History site

Unpacking Manuel's Tavern

Online exhibit that preserves the organic archive of Atlanta’s political left inscribed on the walls of a local restaurant and bar

Visit Manuel's Tavern project site

Subject Matter Experts

Yang Li

Senior Software Engineer

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Chase Lovellette

Systems Lead

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Joanna Mundy

Digital Project Specialist

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Sara Palmer

Digital Text Specialist

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Jay Varner

Lead Software Engineer

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