Wayne H. Morse Jr.

Co-Director, ECDS

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  • Building support for 21st century researchers through blending traditional models of practice
  • Digital methods as part of public scholarship
  • Sustainable digital publishing platforms
  • Technology-enhanced teaching and learning
  • Virtual presence as part of pedagogy
  • 3D environments in research and pedagogy


Wayne co-leads a group of scholars, librarians, IT professionals, and students in developing projects across a wide range of fields – from art to clinical science – in an effort to change how scholarly work gets published, curated, and integrated into teaching and research. During the creation of ECDS in 2013, he led the design efforts for the physical, organizational structure, and processes of the center.

Wayne also continues to consult with faculty in creation of digital projects. The focus of these digital projects include pedagogy, research, publishing, and online exhibits. Wayne also works to ensure that the primary operating principles of ECDS, including leveraging open source applications, creating public scholarship, practicing empowerment, ensuring accessibility, and maintaining sustainability are applied to all endeavors.

Wayne has served on several university committees focusing on various topics including, the undergraduate education experience, web accessibility, graduate student professional development, library operations and organization, accreditation, and the university's technology infrastructure.

Wayne also teaches faculty and graduate students in a series of classes and workshops on engaging presentations, effective teaching online, and leading diverse teams.

Before working as part of the ECDS team, Wayne was the director of Emory's Center for Interactive Teaching (ECIT). In this role, Wayne provided strategic direction for a facility that housed resources and provided expertise to assist teaching and research faculty throughout the university with incorporating multimedia web-based technologies into learning. The center also included an interactive classrooms, collaborative areas, and workstations designed to support digital pedagogy.

Wayne's previous duties with Emory include senior multimedia developer and senior project manager for technological innovation. As part of these roles, Wayne evaluated and recommended university-wide web-based information and instruction systems to be used in teaching and research.


  • PhD (coursework), Education / e-Learning | Northcentral University
  • MA, International Affairs | University of Dayton
  • BS, Environmental Design | University of Michigan