Alexander Cors

Sr. Program Coordinator

About Alex

ECDS Areas of Expertise

Areas of Interest

  • Historical Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping
  • Digital Publishing
  • Public Scholarship
  • Colonial North and Latin American History
  • Indigenous History
  • Community-Engaged Research
  • Professional Development and Training for Graduate Students
  • International Research Collaboration


Alexander is a historian and public scholar who combines digital methods and archival research to analyze and make accessible the history of conflicts over land in North America and the experience of historically marginalized groups under colonialism.

As the Coordinator for the ECDS Graduate Training Program, he serves as a liaison between staff, students, and faculty. Alexander develops and oversees the Center’s internal training system and professional development efforts for graduate students. He collaborates with the Halle Institute for Global Research and the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry to develop new opportunities for research, professional development, and community building for undergraduate and graduate students.

Alex works with faculty and students on projects relating to mapping, digital publishing, project management, and community-engaged research.


  • PhD, History | Emory University
  • MA, History | Emory University 
  • MA, Historical Sciences | University of Augsburg (Germany) 
  • MA, Interdisciplinary European Studies | University of Augsburg (Germany) 
  • BA, History and Geography | University of Augsburg (Germany)