Tracking Samothrace

The project developed best practices for digitally recording the discoveries of archaeological excavation through work at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on the Greek island of Samothrace.

About the Project

While the value of a digital database for archaeological records is generally recognized, this project develops a semantically-enriched database designed to fulfill three powerful functions:

  1. preserve the factual archaeological record surrounding each object;
  2. serve as an effective and flexible tool for embedding the study, reconstruction, and interpretation of these objects within the records; and
  3. produce the final products of study, including print and online resources.

We aim to produce a white paper documenting best practices for "objective" and "interpretive" data entry, workflow, and methodology.

Project Team

  • Faculty: Bonna Wescoat
  • Graduate Research Assistant: Alison Hight
  • Visual Resources Librarian: Frank Jackson
  • Project Manager: Stewart Varner
  • Geographer: Michael Page
  • Library Team Members: Kim Collins and Kim Durante