Open Tour Builder

open source Emory tour

Project Overview

Open Tour Builder is an open source software platform for building geospatial tours that are optimized for mobile devices.

With this tool, tour builders can easily create interactive, attractive tours that guide users from stop to stop using their smartphone's GPS and Open Tour Builder's native Google Maps instructions. At each location, the designer can include images, video, text, and external links to provide historical and cultural context, tying that information to the physical space.

The platform has been used to construct projects including the Battle of Atlanta Tour App and the Emory Campus History Tour.

Learn about how to use Open Tour Builder by browsing the step-by-step manual

Project Highlights

Emory Partners

Library and Information Technology Services (LITS)

Funding Mellon Foundation
Project Contacts GitHub: Open Tour Builder
Technology The installation package is available through GitHub, with accompanying instructions.

Key Contributions

ECDS projects advance Emory University's mission through research, pedagogy, publishing, and public scholarship.

Research Open Tour Builder allows users to draw on research materials from personal, academic, and government sources.
Pedagogy The software has been used by faculty at Emory and other universities to give students the ability to create tours while increasing their knowledge of a geographical location, foreign language, and more.
Public Scholarship The software allows users to create a project that is both academic and oriented toward public use.