Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation

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Project Overview

The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation is a peer-reviewed, multimedia, open access journal.

The journal seeks to raise the consciousness and deepen the intellect of the humanistic relationship in the rehabilitation sciences. Our mission is to encourage dialogue among rehabilitation professionals, patients, families, and caregivers that describe the human condition as it experiences the impact of illness or disability. We highlight the special relationship between the patient and rehabilitation provider and provide a venue for scholarly discourse on topics that focus on rehabilitation from the uniquely human perspective that patients and providers share.

JHR publishes work that reflects and analyzes the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual resources that comprise humanism in the rehabilitation.

  • We publish work in several genres, including perspectives pieces, personal narratives, reflections, poetry, video, photo essays, film and book reviews, and original research articles.
  • Clinicians, researchers, students, patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and administrators are invited to submit creative works that will advance the intellect on humanism in rehabilitation.

Our editorial board oversees a rigorous peer-review process. Authors retain copyright of the content they produce with limited rights granted to JHR, which is freely available to individuals and institutions.

Project Highlights

Emory Partners

Disability Studies Initiative

Library and Information Technology Services (LITS)

School of Medicine: Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Additional Partners The JHR Editorial Board is comprised of clinicians and scholars from schools around the country and around the world.
Funding School of Medicine: Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
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Key Contributions

ECDS projects advance Emory University's mission through research, pedagogy, publishing, and public scholarship.

Research JHR publishes peer-reviewed research from clinicians and scholars that highlights the relationship between the humanities and the rehabilitation sciences.
Pedagogy JHR articles serve as a valuable classroom resources for faculty, clinicians, and educators in the humanities and rehabilitation fields. By highlighting examples of how the humanities impact the clinical relationships between clinicians and their patients, JHR providesteaching opportunities outside the standard rehabilitation science curricula.

The journal models open access, peer-reviewed digital publishing.

Public Scholarship JHR is a multimedia, open access journal that is free to access and to submit work, encouraging participation of patients, caregivers, and students while maintaining the rigor of a scholarly peer reviewed journal.