Networking the Belfast Group

This project will create a new version of the Belfast Group website, adding an interactive interface to explore the poets' literary and social networks. 

About the Project

A team of scholars and technologists are developing tools for identifying and marking up names, places, and organizations in Emory's collection of materials associated with the poets known as the Belfast Group. Tagging these entities will make it possible to examine and present some of these writers' social and geospatial networks. Because it connects identifiers to the semantic web, the tools created for Networking the Belfast Group will give users access to much more data than documents like finding aids regularly provide. Looking beyond the Belfast Group, similar networks could be documented for other literary groups using the tools and results of this project, which will be released as open source software.

Project PI: Rebecca Sutton Koeser
Project Coordinator: Brian Croxall
Software Developer: Rebecca Sutton Koeser, Alex Thomas, and Kyle Bock
Graduate Student: Katie Rawson
Metadata Expertise: Elizabeth Roke and Kim Durante
TEI Expertise: Alice Hickcox
IP Team: Lisa Macklin and Melanie Kowalski
Faculty Consultants: Nathan Suhr-Sytsma and Geraldine Higgins
Library Consultants: Susan Potts McDonald and Liz Chase

Photo: "Ireland" is copyright (c) 2004 k.alex.bab and made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 License.