Featured Projects

Examples of new, recent, and ongoing projects produced by Emory faculty and students in collaboration with the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) team.

Image for Sacred Matters

Sacred Matters

Sacred Matters is a web magazine of public scholarship that undercuts conventional understandings of religion and reimagines the boundaries between religion and culture.

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Image for Southern Spaces

Southern Spaces

Southern Spaces is a peer-reviewed, multimedia, open-access journal published in collaboration with the Robert W. Woodruff Library of Emory University. We publish articles, photo essays and images, reviews, presentations, and short videos about real and imagined spaces and places of the US South and their global connections.

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Image for Atlanta Studies Network

Atlanta Studies Network

Several collaborative initiatives compose the Atlanta Studies Network, all emphasizing research and teaching about Atlanta metropolitan region from the early twentieth century to the present.

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Image for Poets in Place

Poets in Place

In an ongoing series of born-digital videos, Poets in Place presents contemporary poets reading and discussing their poems in locations they write about. Selected by US poet laureate and Emory professor of creative writing Natasha Trethewey, the writers represented in Poets in Place give voice to the continuities and changes in regions such as the Black Belt, Carolina Piedmont, Atlanta metropolitan region, Gulf Coast, Southern Appalachians, and Lowcountry.

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Image for Virtual Rome Projects

Virtual Rome Projects

Two projects have been developed from Giovanni Battista Falda's exceptionally detailed 1676 plan of Rome, both a virtual experience and a zoomable version of the map.

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Image for Networking the Belfast Group

Networking the Belfast Group

This project will create a new version of the Belfast Group website, adding an interactive interface to explore the poets' literary and social networks. With improved tagging and search options, users will have greater access to data about the Belfast writers' community.

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Image for Mapping Senufo

Mapping Senufo

This project investigates the category of West African art known as "Senufo," and asks what the term conveys about the art and about historical geographical boundaries.

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Image for The Battle of Atlanta Tour App

The Battle of Atlanta Tour App

This web-based mobile application, or app, combines a narrative of events by Daniel Pollock with maps, video clips and images into a handheld resource directing visitors to twelve tour stops. Launched in July 2014 with the sesquicentennial of this turning point battle in the US Civil War, the tour app enables an exploration of troop movements, significant sites, and major figures across a vastly changed historical landscape.

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Image for Readux


Readux enhances access to and facilitates research with Emory's exemplary library holdings. It enables users to browse thousands of digitized texts, add multimedia annotations, and export annotated digital editions.

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Image for Tracking Samothrace

Tracking Samothrace

The project developed best practices for digitally recording the discoveries of archaeological excavation through work at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on the Greek island of Samothrace.

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Image for Lincoln Logarithms

Lincoln Logarithms

Lincoln Logarithms: Finding Meaning in Sermons uses digital tools to analyze fifty-seven sermons delivered after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Emory scholars questioned whether using digital tools to analyze a collection of elegiac sermons might uncover patterns or new insights about Lincoln's memorization. This project explores what such tools can and cannot show us.

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Image for Georgia Civil Rights Cold Cases

Georgia Civil Rights Cold Cases

With start-up support from the Mellon Foundation, this is a collaboration with project director and Pulitzer Prize winning author Prof. Hank Klibanoff (Creative Writing) and Prof. Brett Gadsden (African American Studies). This online project researches unsolved civil rights era murder cases in Georgia.

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