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Project Overview

In Samothracian Networks | Samothrace Mariner, a study of ritual and mobility in the ancient world, we are building bridges between:

  • Academic and scientific research, integrating theory and method from anthropology, geography, classics, religion, and ancient history
  • Pedagogical needs, supporting instructors in primary and secondary education
  • Gaming applications with broad potential for public education in an informal setting

These three approaches -- research, pedagogy, and popular culture -- are united through shared reliance on a unique database built on ancient sources. The core of the database comes from inscriptions, a form of historical data least accessible to the non-specialist. ECDS constructed the database in Django MySQL, and has supported related QGIS and networking applications.

Play the Game

Sailing with the Gods: Argonauts and Samothracians in an Ancient Sea

This game is designed to:

  • Maximize immersion in the realities of sailing the ancient sea, closing the gap between our modern perspectives of sea travel and ancient realities
  • Generate data recorded from players' behavioral patterns when making choices about how to move about the maritime networks
  • Integrate ancient voices from history and mythology with geospatial realities of economic resources, political trends, and potential for gathering up to date knowledge

The capacity to gather the data from each game played means that we will be creating a new database of choices made within these networks in real time. Rather than design a gamified experience that achieves monetary profit through mining marketing behavioral data, we are attempting to design a gamified simulation that pedagogically engages players with an accurate account of the ancient world, while simultaneously using players' behavior to better understand that same environment. ECDS is supporting the hosting and launch of the game.

Project Highlights

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Key Contributions

ECDS projects advance Emory University's mission through research, pedagogy, publishing, and public scholarship.

Research The data collected from users of the 3D game, Sailing with the Gods: Argonauts and Samothracians in an Ancient Sea, will generate scholarly data that will be used to model agency in social networks in the ancient Mediterranean world.
Pedagogy The creation of a pedagogical 3D game provides a new avenue for teaching the Argonautica, the concepts of ancient proxenia, and the ancient Mediterranean world.
Public Scholarship This game is being made available openly, both through download on the Samothracian Networks website, and through a github repository.