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Project Overview

The Georgia Coast Atlas, a joint project between the ECDS and the Department of Environmental Sciences, will combine a multimedia-ready, spatially immersive platform with long-form, iterative, peer-reviewed scholarly content on the environmental, historical, cultural, and geographic dimensions of the coast to produce an open access website for multiple audiences.

Educators, scholars, students, and the general public will be able to explore the intersections of culture, history, and the environment, using the Georgia coast as a case study. Digital scholars and technologists will be able to adopt and build on our customized WordPress installation to further the development of digital publications with spatial dimensions, pushing the boundaries of what it means to publish digitally, iteratively, and multimodally.

The Georgia coast provides uncommon opportunities for the development of a multidisciplinary content platform and for the development of a publication that can make meaningful connections to communities across Georgia.

The general public that visits the Georgia coast may see the islands as pristine environments. However, the completed atlas publication, through a blend of spatial, multimedia, and scholarly content, will tell the engaging and diverse stories of the coast that recognize how humans have shaped these landscapes for thousands of years. To illustrate the theme of continuous change through human and environmental interactions, the team will feature peer-reviewed publications that examine the evolving environmental and cultural dimensions of the Georgia coast, as well as the effects on the coast from industry and development, including the timber, cotton, and rice industries, and the increasing dangers connected to global climate change.

Project Highlights

Emory Partners

Department of Environmental Sciences

Library and Information Technology Services (LITS)

Additional Partners

Chatam County, Georgia

Ossabaw Island Foundation

University of Georgia Marine Institute at Sapelo Island

100 Miles Foundation

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Key Contributions

ECDS projects advance Emory University's mission through research, pedagogy, publishing, and public scholarship.

Research The Georgia Coast Atlas project, with is various public and private partnerships, will create a resource for multidisciplinary knowledge about the Georgia coast for educators, researchers, coastal management experts, and the general public.
Pedagogy The Georgia Coast Atlas project will work with K-12 and higher education instructors to ensure that the Atlas meets the needs of classrooms across Georgia.
Public Scholarship The Georgia Coast Atlas project has three main goals of public scholarship: to create an open-access publication available to the public for materials about the Georgia Coast, to create an environment that is open to a multidisciplinary approach to scholarship on the Georgia Coast that brings together scholars, writers, artists, researchers, and educators, and finally to create an open source, publically available platform for spatially-based publishing.