Belfast Group Poetry | Networks

Belfast Group

Project Overview

The Belfast Group Poetry | Networks project engaged a team of scholars and technologists who developed tools for identifying and marking up names, places, and organizations in Emory's collection of materials associated with the poets known as the Belfast Group.

By tagging these entities, our researchers and technologists make it possible to visualize some of these writers' social and geospatial networks.

Because it connects identifiers to the semantic web, the tools created for Belfast Group Poetry | Networks give users access to much more data than documents like finding aids regularly provide. Looking beyond the Belfast Group, similar networks could be documented for other literary groups using the tools and results of this project, which has been released as open source software.

Project Highlights

Emory Partners

Lewis H. Beck Center for Electronic Collections

Department of English

Library and Information Technology Services (LITS)

Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library

Additional Partners Queen's University Belfast Library
Funding Mellon Foundation
Project Contacts Belfast Group Poetry | Networks website

To better represent the relationships of the authors working in the Belfast Group and to connect the information in the archival finding aids with the digitized texts, the project developed software to enhance the TEI and EAD. We also updated the EmoryFindingAids site to expose the names and URIs now embedded in the EAD via RDFa. The site depends on content pulled from both TEI and EAD, combined with the use of RDF.

  • Namedropper oXygen plugin
  • Namedropper-py
  • RDFa enhanced Emory Finding Aids codebase
  • Site and networks codebase (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.45121)
  • The software developed for this project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

The site depends on many web technologies and libraries.

  • DBpedia Spotlight
  • Django
  • exist-db
  • d3.js
  • EAD / TEI
  • oXygen XML Editor
  • Python (with additional Python libraries, including rdflib and networkx)
  • RDF (including Dublin Core,, archival)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • VIAF, GeoNames

Key Contributions

ECDS projects advance Emory University's mission through research, pedagogy, publishing, and public scholarship.

Research Over its several iterations, Belfast Group Poetry | Networks worked to answer a basic research question: What can be done with enhanced library data given new technologies and shared resources? In the process, the project was also interested in determining who, exactly, constituted the Belfast Group. In pursuing these questions, the project yielded new software, new data, and new visualizations that can be used by scholars around the world.
Pedagogy Belfast Group Poetry | Networks provides students with a way of seeing the wide range of possibilities for archival scholarship in a digital humanities context.
Public Scholarship In addition to the core data and visualizations, Belfast Group Poetry | Networks gives open access to peer-reviewed articles on the project website.