Battle of Atlanta Tour App

Battle of Atlanta

Project Overview

The Battle of Atlanta Tour App offers an interactive account of the July 22, 1864 victory by Union forces over Confederate solders during the final year of the Civil War.

The web application guides users to specific places to view physical traces of the battlefield, remnants of a Civil War fort and rifle pit, and monuments to fallen generals on opposing sides. It features 12 stops listed in order of the battlefield events and provides a recommended tour route, driving directions, and parking suggestions. A typical tour takes three hours.

The app's interactive map connects locations with written text, an archive of primary documents, and historical photographs about the battle itself and successive veterans' reunions and commemorations. The project also incorporates insights by participants often marginalized in traditional accounts, including women, slaves, and Union sympathizers.

Project Highlights

Emory Partners

Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library

Library and Information Technology Services (LITS)

Robert W. Woodruff Library

Additional Partners Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum
Funding Mellon Foundation
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Key Contributions

ECDS projects advance Emory University's mission through research, pedagogy, publishing, and public scholarship.

Research The app utilizes primary documents, historical photos, and original maps.

The narrative presupposes no prior knowledge of military maneuvers and events and can serve as a classroom resource for understanding a major Civil War battle.

Publishing The project features both a long-form, peer-reviewed narrative essay by Daniel Pollack and a user-friendly mobile tour app.
Public Scholarship

The app facilitates learning through both in-person and virtual visits.