TPCR Feedback 2014 and 2015

"TPC+R was an incredibly worthwhile use of my time this semester. I am currently teaching an undergraduate course, and I enjoyed being able to incorporate tips for using technology in the classroom. My presentations and PowerPoints improved significantly as a result. For both my research and teaching, the TPC+R sessions exposed me to valuable technologies, such as data visualization, textual analysis, and mapping, that I would have otherwise been too intimidated to use. From a professional development standpoint, the information at TPC+R was invaluable. Thanks to these sessions, I know how to create and manage my digital presence and portfolio in a professional manner."

—TPC+R Participant

"It has encouraged me to think of ways to incorporate technology to accomplish my pedagogical goals. There are simple things that I was able to implement right away -- using images, blogs, and wikis. It has not changed my teaching style or general approach to the classroom, but it has helped me find more effective ways to present some material, invite student input, and enhance engagement with the material that extends beyond the classroom."
TPC+R Participant

"Those who organized this class made it all about the practical use of digital tools, and that was the best thing about it. Nearly every session seemed applicable to something I might do with research, teaching, or professional development in the future. My project was simple and easy: a blog and portfolio page, but I know that I would not have had the discipline to figure out how to make a personal website without the help and advice of the TPC+R instructors."
—TPC+R Participant

"TPCR has taught me invaluable technological tools to help bolster my effectiveness in the classroom. I feel better prepared to present information in dynamic ways and to get undergraduates to become enthusiastic about the material. In unexpected ways, TPC+R has also helped me think about the structure of my courses and classroom dynamics in the learning space...TPC+R has been a rewarding experience on multiple levels and I greatly appreciate the knowledge and professionalism of each of the contributors."
—TPC+R Participant