Below is a partial listing of the instructional technologies and methodologies covered as part of the TPC+R seminars.

Blackboard: Leveraging Blackboard's Learning Management System in support of teaching.

WordPress: Using WordPress to build and maintain a professional, scholarly web presence and build course websites.

Classroom Presentations: Best practices for public presentations; using Powerpoint effectively; exploring alternative presentation technologies such as movies, PDFs, and web pages; creating “interactive” presentations with Powerpoint and with cloud-based technogies.

Data Visualization: Using visualization technologies in presenting data.

Google Earth: Combining Google Earth with other GIS applications to create teaching tools.

Digital Video: Using various types of video both in class and outside of the classroom; exploring the difference between streaming vs. vodcasting; building digital video student assignments for your class.

Flipping the Classroom: How to "flip" a classroom using interactive technologies for content delivery outside of class to better take advantage of in-class time.

Best Practices for Assignment and Assessment Design: How to make your assignments work toward course learning goals and effectively assess student learning. 

Digital Tools for Dissertation Research: Find out about digital tools and support available in ECDS for your dissertation research, and learn about tools that will make writing your dissertation easier.