Unpacking Manuel's Tavern

About the Project

In 2015, ECDS began capturing photos, video, and 3D images of Manuel’s Tavern, the iconic Atlanta bar and gathering place for politicians, journalists, and almost anyone who’s called the city home. Founded in 1956, the Tavern is a storied part of Atlanta history—it’s perhaps best known as the place where Jimmy Carter announced his intention to run for governor in 1970. When the Tavern announced that it would be closing for massive renovations in 2015, Atlantans worried that the city would lose the spirit of Manuel’s. 

Artist Ruth Dusseault (now a lecturer at Georgia State University)  approached the Center with an ambitious idea to catalog and make publicly available the artifacts and their related stories that filled the Tavern’s walls. ECDS jumped on the idea and began working with Dusseault and colleagues at Emory, Georgia State, and the Savannah College of Art and Design to document Manuel’s Tavern before it closed.

The Unpacking Manuel's project is a collaboration between Emory and Georgia State University, combining the efforts of scholars, librarians, information technology specialists, faculty and students to create a dynamic visualization of the former Atlanta landmark that engages scholars and students in innovative collaboration.