Graduate Certificate

Certificate in Digital Scholarship and Media Studies

The Laney Graduate School awards a Certificate in Digital Scholarship and Media Studies (DSMS) upon fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Eligibility criteria for admission. Students must be enrolled and in good standing in a PhD program of the Laney Graduate School. Librarians and staff employed by Emory are also eligible. 

  • Course requirements for the certificate. The certificate will require the successful completion of four courses from an approved list, one of which must be the Seminar in Digital Scholarship and Media Studies (DSMS 700), and one of which must be an approved internship in digital scholarship.

Courses that will count toward the certificate: In addition to DSMS 700 and an internship, students choose two elective seminars from a list of campus-wide courses regularly taught in the Laney Graduate School that feature digital media and scholarship. The certificate program encourages additions to the list of eligible courses (e.g. new courses, cross-listed courses with other departments, or special topics courses offered by visiting faculty) at the discretion of the program Co-Directors and certificate committee members.

For additional information, contact ECDS Co-Director Allen Tullos.

Required Courses

DSMS 700, Seminar in Digital Scholarship and Media Studies

What are "digital scholarship" and the "digital humanities"?

This course offers a broad introduction to the impact of digital technologies upon research, and the humanities in particular. This seminar will cover issues such as the scope of the digital humanities, the production of knowledge in cyberspace, intellectual property, audience and communication, and transformations in pedagogical models.

Students will develop an appropriate digital project during the course of the semester.


Credit for the internship should be structured around a project in digital scholarship based either on the Emory campus (such as the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, the scholarly journal Southern Spaces, or off-campus with an appropriate organization).

Students seeking credit for internship may enroll in ENG797R, ARTHIST 796R, or HIST799R, or equivalent in their home department.

Elective Courses

Examples of recently offered courses which can count as electives toward the DSMS certificate include:

  • ANT 585: Statistical Methods
  • ANT 585S: Image Work: Visual Techniques in Qualitative Research
  • ANT 585S: Evolutionary Modeling
  • ANT 585-01P: Ethnography and Its Edges
  • ANT 585-002: Local/Global Media
  • ARTHIST 592: Introduction to Graphics and Computer-Aided Design
  • ARTHIST 597R: Directed Study
  • ARTHIST 596R: Internship
  • ARTHIST 592: Maps and Models
  • CPLT 751 00P: "Postcolonial and Global Studies in the 21st Century"
  • ENG 791R: Composition Pedagogy
  • ENG 790R: Composition Theory
  • ENG 797R: Directed Study
  • DSMS 720: Topics and Tools in Digital Humanities 
  • FILM 500: Intro to Graduate Film Studies
  • FILM 504: Seminar in Theory: Media and the Mind
  • FILM 504: Seminar in Theory: Platforms and Apparatuses
  • FILM 582: Contemporary Film and Media Theory
  • FILM 506: Methods in Film and Media Studies
  • FILM 573P Video Games
  • HIST 582A: Data Analysis & Visualization
  • HIST 582P: Social Science & Quantitative Techniques
  • POLS 508: Data Analysis
  • POLS 570: Limited Dependent Variable Models
  • RLAR 710: Religion and Media
  • SOC 500: Research Methods & Models – Statistics
  • SOC 585: Qualitative Methods
  • SOC 560: Sociology of Culture
  • SOC 562: Sociology of Mass Media

Completing the Certificate

In addition to the core seminar, internship, and two elective courses, students will be expected to complete a final research paper or digital project. This final paper or project is described below, along with the steps required of students for completing the certificate program:

  1. Declare intention to pursue the certificate through a meeting with the DSMS program director. Students must also gain the approval of their departmental advisor before entering the program and must complete the DSMS Declaration Form.
  2. Successful completion of the core "Seminar in Digital Scholarship and Media Studies"
  3. Successful completion of three additional four-semester-hour courses, one of which must be an internship.
  4. Completion of a digital project or paper approved by a two-person committee chosen from among DSMS affiliated faculty, involving a substantial focus on some aspect of digital scholarship and media studies. This paper or project may develop out of a seminar or it can be drawn from the student's dissertation work.
  5. When all requirements for the Certificate have been fulfilled, the student will complete the DSMS Certificate Program Requirements Completion Form and submit it to the program director. In the semester prior to graduation, the student must notify the program director of his or her intent to graduate. At that time, the student must complete and submit a Certificate Clearance Form to the Laney Graduate School. Successful completion of the Digital Scholarship and Media Studies certificate program will be indicated on the student's final transcript.