Guidelines for Proposing a Project with ECDS

Here are some guidelines for proposing an ECDS project. While we don’t expect you to already have a complete answer to every question here, these guidelines offer a starting point for a discussion. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the center at, or drop in to speak with an ECDS staff member.

Project Abstract

Outline in a short paragraph (~500 words) the project that you are proposing. Discuss, using language appropriate for a nonspecialist audience, what form the final project might take.

Project Overview

In this section explain in detail what you plan to do and why. What materials/data/content will be part of your project? What are your goals? Why are its outcomes important to your research/field/institution? How would you like to implement your project? For example, will it be a website? An app? A course?


What are the specific final outcomes/deliverables of the project? For example, a website, a database, interactive maps, presentations/publications, an exhibition...

Impact on the Field

What will the project contribute to your field of study, and/or to digital scholarship broadly?

Anticipated Timeline

How long do you expect your project will take to complete? Are there specific milestones that should occur at specific times along the way (like completion of a beta instance of the project for testing pre-launch)? Is your project time-sensitive (e.g. class to be taught this fall)?


Provide an itemized budget outlining your proposed use of ECDS research funds (no more than one page). Is your project connected to/related to an external grant? Do you plan to seek external grants to fund this project? If so, include your expected use of external grant funds in the budget as well. Finally, outline resources that your project may not pay out of pocket for, but will depend upon, such as the roles of ECDS staff, an institutional server space, the use and continued support of a certain platform, et cetera. If you are unsure of how to itemize your budget, make an appointment with an ECDS staff member to discuss what’s possible (

ECDS Resources

What kind of help do you need from ECDS (technical expertise, project management, design)? Do you anticipate any intellectual property issues? In other words: will your project deal with materials currently under copyright, and do you have permission to publish materials for the project on the web? Are there specific hardware or software that ECDS will have to supply? Are there additional library resources the project will require (archival material from MARBL, advanced programming needs)?

Project Completion

How will you use the completed project that ECDS helps you to build? How will it be disseminated? How will you assess the success of the project? What are your plans for its sustainability after ECDS helps build the prototype/proof of concept? What are your plans for scalability and/or preservation of the project?

Core Team Members

Who is proposing this project? Who are the team members (non-ECDS staff) that will be a part of its development? Are there faculty/staff/students not specifically named in the proposal that will also be contributing content to the project? What members of the ECDS staff will be on the core team?


Who will the audience be for the project? What Emory unit will this project be affiliated with (if appropriate)? How will that Emory unit and/or the broader Emory community benefit from the project?