Network Analysis

Network analysis is a computational approach to studying the relationships between people, places, or things. It presumes that understanding interconnectedness is central to research and seeks to quantify relationships so that they can be visualized and explored graphically.

There are two types of data, nodes and edges, that are essential to building networks. Nodes are whatever the objects of study are and edges are connections between pairs of nodes. Once you prepare tables for nodes and edges, you can begin to explore networks using specialized software.

ECDS can assist you in conducting network analysis in the following ways:

  • Conceptualizing how to quantify relationships
  • Formatting tables of network data
  • Importing data into network analysis software
  • Working with layouts and filters to produce meaningful graphs

These are our preferred software tools for this area of expertise. Please contact us with any questions.

Cytoscape tutorials
Gephi introduction
Journal of Digital Humanities: Demystifying Networks
Joanna Mundy Digital Project Specialist
Sara Palmer Digital Text Specialist