John Bernau

Digital Scholarship Associate


  • PhD candidate, Sociology, Emory University, Expected 2019
  • MA candidate, Sociology, Emory University, Expected 2017
  • BA, Sociology and Philosophy, University of Iowa, 2013


In addition to offering walk-in digital support for Emory faculty and staff, John specializes in data visualization and text analysis. This includes writing training materials, leading interactive workshops, and giving presentations using a variety of digital tools and programs such as R, STATA, Excel, Python, and Tableau.


John's research centers around issues of collective identity and meaning-making practices.

He currently focuss on how institutions help people make sense of marginal situations, particularly that of death and dying.

Previously, he has used R and Python to analyze claims of identity and group boundaries in country music lyrics over the last 25 years, and has analyzed the state's efforts at theodicy through governmental discourse surrounding national trauma.